Beautiful Feet.

 One of my goals this year was to have beautiful feet .  I know, I know... it sounds strange. Beau...

 One of my goals this year was to have beautiful feet.  I know, I know... it sounds strange.

Beautiful feet. I always struggle with this command in the Bible- Isaiah 52:7, as a matter of fact. Actually I struggle with "outward" beauty in general- the more I try to "cover up" this "blemish" or that "blemish", the more self-conscious an attitude I develop... not quite the attitude of inward beauty to please G-d.

I believe I shared how I took a break from make-up for a week and a half. I want to expound on that experience a bit.
I first started feeling a bit convicted when I pointed out all my flaws to myself.
We are G-d's handi-work- does He even create flaws?? That was the question I had to address.

And friends, I felt more beautiful in those twelve days than you can imagine.
Because I was wrapped in His love.
And I didn't care about the flaws.
I didn't care about the weird looks I was getting from people.
I didn't care that I looked exhausted- I didn't even notice.
I felt so exhuberant.
And loved.

My only care about my appearance was to act like Jesus would want me to.
And it was the best feeling...ever.

Back to beautiful feet. Taking that in a literal sense- if all the feet in my house were lined up side-by-side, and were ordered according to health, etc., I would be the last in line. My feet are wide, blister-y, and I've had ingrown toe-nails for the past ten years. But, this post has been drifiting in my draft box for a while now, and I really want to post it. Plus G-d brough the original verse back to me in my Bible-time the other morning.
Therefore, Isaiah 52:6-7:

Therefore My people shall know My name;
Therefore they shall know in that day
      That I am He who speaks:
      ‘ Behold, it is I.’”
       How beautiful upon the mountains
      Are the feet of him who brings good news,
      Who proclaims peace,
      Who brings glad tidings of good things,
      Who proclaims salvation,
      Who says to Zion,
      “Your God reigns!”

No matter how beautiful a person's feet my appear *ahem and smile* obviously has nothing to do with the above verse. In verse six, G-d's people will know His Name.

An amazing group of friends and I recently finished reading/discussing the book Radical by David Platt- it encourages to live for Jesus with abandon.
The world needs  to hear the good news of Christ.

If I may quote from the book...

"The more we try to do good, the more we expose our evil. Even our attempts to obey G-d only further uncover our inability to do so. This applies to you, me, and every other person in the world...
"Many professing Christians have come to the conclusion that if certain people around the world don't have the opportunity to hear about Jesus, then this automatically excuses them from G-d's condemnation. Such peopel will go to heaven because, after all, they never had the opportunity to hear about Jesus."
{Radical by David Platt, chapter seven, pg 148}

This is where conviction ensues on my part. No matter what I do, there is absolutely never any way that I will ever be, "good enough." Not that I am expected to be. But I am to be holy, because He is holy. And I have to see and understand that He makes all beautiful.

"Imagine encountering an international student newly arrived on a college campus in the United States. You ask her if she has ever heard of Jesus, and with a puzzled look on her face, she responds, "No."
Now, if this girl is headed to heaven precisely because she never herad about Jesus, then the best thing you could say to her for the sake of her eternity is, "If anyone ever tries to tell you about Jesus, just put your hands on your ears, start yelling very loudly, and run away."...
"Some will maintain, "Well, is God just in condemning people for not believing in Jesus when they never had the chance to hear about Jesus?" Now that is a really good question, and I believe the answer is no. God would not be just in condemning people for not believing in a Savior they never heard of. But don't forget, people are not ultimately condemned for not believing in Jesus; they are ultimately condemned for rejecting God."
{Radical, by David Platt, chapter 7, pg. 149}

 Now. This is where it starts to get a bit controversial. However, since I am not looking to start any kind of argument or debate, I just want to get back to Isaiah 52.

People, no matter who or where they are-- can see Jesus. It takes us back to when Paul was disgusted with so many people worshipping an "unknown G-d." Wouldn't it be better to bring them a true G-d that actually fills the void in them and listens to their cry rather than let them continue to worship a god that doesn't even exist?

A life-long goal of mine has been to go on a few short-term missions trips.
As yet, I don't know where; but I have always felt burdened for the unreached tribes in South America and Indonesia. India and China. Uganda. But only if it is His will.

Because right now, as a young lady growing up in my home- it is indeed impossible for me to leave my family, and I would want to bring my Marmee or Daddy with me. So... I can start toward my goal for having beautiful feet in my neighborhood, community, and everywhere I go.

Past discovered testimonies that prove His grace are such beautiful, beautiful reminders: 

December 26th, 2010
Oh, precious Jesus- You always amaze me by Your grace... You ever and always help me to trust in Your mighty hand, Your outstretched arm. I truly feel that Your love will endure forever, and I see Your faithfulness exceeding the height of the skies... how can I ever doubt You? Teach me Your ways... I want, I ache to be like You- yet every time I do, it is a joyful ache... because You are re-creating me. L-rd, I want to become a teacup... mold me, break me and make me more like You.

Perfect submission, all is at rest.
I in my Savior am happy and blessed.
Watching and waiting, looking above.
Born in His goodness, washed with His love.


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